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by Aegend Official Jul 27,2020expired


Dad's are a pretty practical, straightforward bunch. That means, they don't like a fuss, and they tend to know how to fix things. For instance, a leaky tap, or a crashed computer. But they're not generally known for their over sentimentality.

Therefore, Aegend is going to create a campaign for our dads on this special day. We'll number each comment sequentially(The replies of comment would not be counted as new comments), and randomly pick up 2 winners from these lucky numbers and reward them with $25 gift card and one product from Aegend that might fit your dads.


What you need to do:

#1 Think over your favorite "dad joke" or your heartfelt/funny memory with your dad, anything about your dad would be acceptable.

#2 Comment them below and share this campaign with your friends to join.


Please note We'll pick up and announce the winners on June 22nd and our team member will reach out to you in 24 hours.

Let's make it for the man who loves you with silence, holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rule, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail.



1. Open to residents in the US.

2. This event ends on June 21st, 2020

Enter your comments here, insert emoticons and pictures below
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    No comment yet. Grab the sofa!
  • Johnson Rush MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:Twinkle,twinkle,little star. How I wonder what you are... is the best melody I ever heard. My dad sang that song every single night when I was anbsp; kid.nbsp; A sweet dream with a pleasant melody. Miss you, dad.
  • Rebecca MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:The first sight in my head about my dad was that he hit my head heavily when I was eating dinner. Inexplicable!!!Maybe he was upset or he had drunk some wine that day. I cant forget it since this makes me feel so sad.
  • Aegend Official MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:Thats really sweet story ♥
  • Steven F Huges MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:I can still remember how naughty I was when 10 yo.nbsp; My elder brother and I just had a bath together after dinner. I had no idea why he hopped on the sink made of porcelain and started dancing. I was curious about what he was doing and then did the same thing. All of a sudden, the sink cant bear the weight of us and fall into pieces. No doubt that we were both getting injured badly and sent to the hospital emergency department asap. My dad was totally blanked out to see their kids having over 100 stitches on the finger, hands, and back. He just burst out roaring at the medical workers and saying, Help the kids, theyre my son! Ive never seen my dad acting like that, you know, a mild man turns out to be out of control suddenly. I have to say, it is scary from outside looking in but for me, thats the most heartfelt moment in my life.
  • Teresa Vann MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:Yesterday I ate a clock. It was very time-consuming. Especially after I went back for seconds
  • Aegend Official MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:Thank you for your participation!
  • ChinaYu MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY:When I was in primary school, I had nothing to do in class, so I cut the eraser into small pieces and stuck it in my nose. Then the teacher found my father, and my father took it out with an ear spoon.

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