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Subscribe to Win Amazon Gift Cards!(Total Value $1000)

by Aegend Official Aug 11,2020expired

Aloha! Aegend here, and we are so grateful for all your support which makes us become the leading swim brand on Amazon after the hard work in the past 5 years!

Now we are very excited to be able to connect with all of you amazing customers on another level!

Do you wish there is a way to get alerted whenever an awesome Aegend deal or offer pops up?! You're in luck!

Or ever wish you could score more new arrivals free testing chances and connect more deeply with aegend? Now you can!

Here's what we came up with.

We'll send you a weekly digest of the most up to date Aegend deals and offers via the Newsletters!

And also provide new arrivals free testing info via the group!

To get started, simply subscribe via the form below and join our group …and that's it! ( it's FREE )

Oh, don't forget to check the email we send to confirm your subscription. It's the vital step to make your subscription successful!

Pretty easy, right? There is no special code and no crazy hoops to jump through.

Also, to add an extra little bit more fun, we will pick 6 subscribers to win the Amazon gift cards in a total value of $1000!

We can't wait to see your names showing up on the list! Let's connect and have fun!!

UPDATE on August 20:

Now you are able to share this giveaway and refer your family members / friends to join.
For every 2 successful referrals you will get $1!
Click the image for more info.


* Are the giveaway legit?
- Yes it is! We strictly comply with laws and regulations.

* Are you scam?
- No, absolutely not! We are honest seller with dignity. We ran giveaways in the past and you can check the winners here.

* How are winners chosen?
- We collect valid emails from valid entries via the form above and put them in a random name picker. The system will randomly choose the winners. We will livestream this process on our Instagram @aegend.official. No human has a hand in choosing the winners.

Prize Draw Competition Rules


* Entry to this prize draw competition is restricted to no more than one entry per person.
* Automated entries, bulk entries or third-party entries will be disqualified.
* Competitions are open to US / UK / DE residents who are over the age of 18 only.
* This prize draw competition will run from 9am Wednesday August 12th 2020 until midnight Monday August 31st 2020.  Entries outside of this time will not be included unless previously agreed.
* The Prizes: a $500 Amazon eGift Card for one winner. A $100 Amazon eGift Card for five winners. Total value $1000. If applicable, no individual shall be eligible to win more than one (1) Prize.
* Prizes can only be sent to a valid email address unless otherwise stated.
* Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries on September 5th 2020. Be sure to watch our Livestream of winner announcement on Instagram @aegend.official.
* Odds of winning the giveaway will depend on the total number of participants satisfying the entry and eligibility criteria described above.
* The winner will be contacted via email by midnight September 6th 2020 and names and region of residence displayed on our website and in our email newsletter. The winners will also be announced via social media.
* DISPUTES: The sponsor shall resolve any dispute or situation not covered by these Official Rules. Its decision shall be final and binding.
* Please read the full Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.  By submitting your entry you are agreeing to both.
* Your information will not be passed onto any third party without prior consent as per our Privacy Policy.
* This Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook or Amazon. The Amazon gift cards in this giveaway are completely bought and sponsored by Aegend Official ("Aegend"). You are providing your information to Aegend Official (“Aegend”) and not to Amazon or Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for Newsletter purposes. Participation in the Giveaway implies an understanding and acceptance of all rules.

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