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Aegend Winter Waterproof Gloves

Mon Dec 21,2020
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The Aegend winter gloves I received are stylish, comfortable, and provide exceptional warmth. Upon opening the package, my first impression was that I can wear these gloves to play with the kids out in the snow, as well as with an overcoat to a party. The color combination is perfect so that they can be worn with casual clothing to business attire. The gloves fit perfect, and I was easily able to slide them on and off my hands without any tugging or pulling. Squeezing, moving, and wiggling my fingers within the gloves was simple and flexible, and provided the grip I need to go about my daily chores and routines outdoors. Our first snow of the season gave me a way to test the comfort of the gloves while shoveling snow for an hour straight. My hands stayed warm and the thickness of the gloves provided the support I needed so that my hands did not get tired. I tested the gloves by pushing the heavy snow with a shovel, as well as by picking up snow with the shovel and throwing it to the side. I was able to easily shovel both ways with superior grip and comfort. My second test was to go sledding with my kids. I was able to push and pull them on the sled, as well as go down the hill on my own while landing in the snow at the bottom, which buried my hands in the snow. The elastic on the wrists provided excellent closure so that no snow was able to enter the gloves. My final test was an epic snowball fight with the kids! By now, the snow had turned to sleet, which made the snowballs turn quickly to ice and very wet. Although the gloves were wet on the outside, I could not feel any moisture or cold on the inside. My hands stayed warm and dry, and I was still able to use the touch screen on my phone to take pics and videos of my boys pelting me with snowballs! Overall, the Aegend winter gloves provide superior comfort, warmth, and functionality, all while showing off your stylish side during the coming winter months ahead!

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