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Great Kids Swim Goggles

by Amy
Tue Dec 22,2020
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I am so glad I got the mirrored pink and green Aegend Kids Swim Goggles.  These beautiful, little goggles are great!  They are intended for ages three through nine, but they fit my tiny, twin two year olds just fine.  There is a lot of room left in the band, so they will be able to wear these as they grow, until the chlorine ruins them.  The colors are bright and pretty, which makes the ladies easy to spot in the pool. I was surprised how easy it was to get the goggles on generally squirmy children.  In fact, they did not want to take them off, the silicone makes them that comfortable!  Adjusting the strap to the right tightness was very easy, you just pull the ends through and they click in place.  The goggles have easy snaps in the back too if you want to take them off and put them on that way as well, instead of just stretching them over their heads.  I put their swim caps on to make it even easier to take the goggles on and off, but it would have been simple and did not seem like it would pull at their hair either way.  The ladies were playing with them and it did not seem like they could pull the goggles out hard enough for them to snap back and hurt them; they seem safe.  

The ladies simply splash in the water now, so it is hard to speak to the fogging or leaking, but the goggles seem like they would be OK.  As their mother, I of course love that the goggles protect their eyes from the sun with UV protection.  It is nice that the goggles come with cases to keep them safe too; I can just throw them in the swim bag and go without worrying about damaging anything.  The ladies love the goggles so much, I am thinking they would make for easy and cheap Halloween outfits- my little Olympic swimmers!

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