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Aegend Touch Screen Warm Cycling Gloves with Zipper Pockets

by Monny Saini
Sun Feb 07,2021
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My first impression of these Aegend winter gloves upon putting them on was that they are very stylish and comfortable!  These gloves can be worn casually, or for shoveling snow outside where the grips come in very handy.  Even in extremely cold temperatures, the gloves keep your hands and fingers warm for hours.  The adjustable wrist straps keep your hands sealed inside the gloves, and keep the cold air out.  I first tried them during a snow storm, and comfortably shoved snow for over an hour.  The gloves seem very durable and provide superb grip to handle a snow shovel, or for throwing snow balls or a football around with your kids, which is what I used the gloves for next!  The gloves stayed dry throughout our snow ball fight, and I was easily able to catch and throw a football with them on.  The touchscreen on the finger tips for ease of use with your phone is very handy, and the zipper pockets are very helpful to hold credit cards, cash, or a key.  These gloves can be used for multiple purposes and always provide the comfort you need in any case.  I also went biking with them on for a couple of hours and thought my hands would get too warm in them after a while, as I have had this problem with other gloves, but was pleasantly surprised to find that my hands stayed cool inside the gloves, and I was comfortably able to hold the handle bars and use the hand brakes effectively.  In the past I have noticed other gloves do not provide the support you need to ride for long periods of time, but these Aegend winter sports gloves are perfect for biking, as well as hiking, running, or for casual outdoor use.  Overall I highly recommend these Aegend winter gloves for their comfort, durability, and multi-purpose wearability!

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