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Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves

by Monny Saini
Tue Mar 30,2021
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My first impression upon trying on the Aegend running gloves was that they were extremely lightweight, yet provided a very comfortable and snug fit.  We had a perfect week of up and down weather temperatures in our area where I was able to test out the gloves in various conditions.  I first wore the gloves on a chilly 40 degree morning walk with my daughter, and was pleasantly surprised how warm my hands stayed throughout the duration of our 45 minute walk.  The gloves are very soft to the touch and have great grip, as I had no issues at all holding the handles and pushing my daughter in her stroller.  The following day it warmed up quite a bit into the 60’s, but I thought to still try out the gloves while taking my dog out on a stroll, as his leash is quite torn up and can be rough on my hands, especially as he pulls and tugs as he loves to do when we come in contact with other dogs!  The gloves feel quite durable and I was able to steadily hold the leash at all times without a problem!  As it started to rain and we sped up to a run, I started to break a sweat and thought I would need to take the gloves off, but barely even noticed I had them on!  These gloves stay dry, and not only keep your hands warm in cold weather, they also keep your hands cool in warm weather.  My hands tend to sweat easily, but the material of these gloves kept the perspiration off, and provided great compression.  I also tested the gloves playing football with my son, where I noticed how well the grips hold the ball while catching and  throwing.  The touchscreen finger tips are an added bonus with these gloves to be able to easily navigate your phone.  My overall opinion of the Aegend lightweight running gloves is that they are very versatile and provide great comfort and compression in various weather conditions and temperatures!

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