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New Release | 2 Pack Kids Swimming Goggles

by Aegend Official Aug 10,2020expired

Hi, Everyone
We released a new 2 Pack Kids Swim Goggles for Age 4-16.
Here is the link to this product:
Below are some features of this product:
1: It is made from food-grade silicone and adapts to fit kids' face perfectly, It ensures a great seal without leaving marks and raccoon eyes!
2: It is equipped with a UV protection flat lens that features your children safe from harmful rays and it is Coated with an anti-glare and anti-fog spray which can help your kids see clearly underwater.
3: It WITH THREE ADJUSTABLE NOSE PIECES, Never leak! Our goggles ensure snugly fit and stay in place when your kids jump into the pool and perform different flips and turns. The elastic head strap can stretch deeply without breaking and fit most kids' head sizes.
4: We have produced multi-color including blue, pink, purple, black,white. Attractive bright star design and various colors make extra fun for kids! Not for protection only, the ergonomic shapes and size definitely will improve your child's look!
5: And moreover, we provide an excellent 13-month hassle-free return policy.
Here are some  Verified Purchase Reviews of this item that we got from Amazon!
And here are some pictures from a grandma who has 13 grandchildren and she bought a pair of swimming goggles for each of her grandchildren this summer. They hold a swimming party every Friday, I really hope that I can join them, it seems very interesting! 
Look! how happy they are! I really envy the carefree life of those cute kids.
I have to get some for my kids!!! I like it very much! Are you interested in testing this item as well? and do you want to get these swimming goggles for your kids?
Comment below if you are interested, we will pick up three winners to win this item!

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