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Aegend and House Again are working together!

by admin Sep 26,2020expired

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your support to Aegend.
As we all know that our brand is“Aegend”, we mainly sell swimming related products. In early 2015, Aegend was founded by a group of swimming enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing good changes to the swimming world. 
In 2016 our very first product subverted people's experience of swimming goggles and became #1 top-selling goggles on Amazon, as for now we have more than 2 MILLION customers in the world using our watersports products.
We are working hard to make everyone who has bought Aegend products feel worthwhile, to achieve this goal, we start a project "REWARDS PROGRAM", it's a program where our customer can get benefits from. Fortunately, in the process of achieving this goal, we met a Home& Kitchen brand named "House Again" who has the same goals as ours, so we decided to work together!
Houseagain is built by a bunch of creative and dedicated home enthusiasts 4 years ago.
"We love our house, love our kitchen, and we love everything that makes our living area cozy and dynamic."
We know many people out there are just like them too. they devote themselves to offer high-quality and innovative products to help more people live easier and happier. What their goal is to bring premium products at a wallet-friendly price and commit providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and hope that you have a wonderful online shopping experience with them.

They concentrate on studying the real needs of customers, focusing on product innovation, and have a number of patented products, such as Tea Infuser, Steamer Basket, Chip Bag Clips.
These are some very popular products sold in HOUSE AGAIN store:

House Again guarantees that all of their products can be REPLACE or REFUND free from the charge with 30-DAY limited warranty for ANY reason. If you are in the course of any problems or suggestions, please contact House Again customer service email  to get the service. For more product information please visit Houseagain shop on Amazon.
What we would like to let you guys know is that Aegend and  House Agian have the same Rewards Program!
Which means you're allowed to join Rewards Program if you purchased any item from House Again.

What are the Program benefits?
● Get a chance to join monthly contest of Amazon Gift Cards in a total value of $1000.
($1000 equivalent items)
● Automatically enter a giveaway to win full rebates of your most recent order (before joining).
(10 winners per month, maximum cashback $30)
● Get $5 off with $25 purchase for your next order.
● Invite your friends to apply Aegend Rewards, both of you get $5 coupon.
● Frequent new arrivals free trial.
● Member day exclusive big discount every month.
● Special birthday gifts.

Welcome to join the Rewards Program!
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