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Move on | Aegend Website User Registration Function

by admin Nov 24,2020expired


We have a good news to share with you guys-------Our website user registration section is finally launched!
At Aegend, we believe in constant progress. To power that progress, we rely heavily on insight, reviews, and advice from a crew of some of the friendliest, kindest, smartest people. So We launched the member registration function to gether you guys together.  Here is where the Aegend team gets to know our fans on a personal level, as well as getting direct feedback on our products and services that go right back into the development cycle.
Joining the community is good for you, too! Community members get access to these incredible benefits:
Exclusive contests and giveaways. 
Opportunities to free test new or upcoming products. 
Community deals not available to the general public.
First access to news about new projects and releases.
●Get free Aegend goodies.

Do you know what is the most exciting thing about being Aegend community member?
it's that by registering as a user, you will earn Aegend coins!

You must be curious about what Aegend coins can be used for?
Aegend Coins is a way for you to get free Aegend goodies, it's that simple!

How to Do:
1. Register an account and we'll give you some Aegend coins to get you started.
2. Be an active user. Fill out your profile, daily bonus, create threads, and post replies. The more involved you are, the more coins you'll get.
3. Use your bucks to get free items.
Here's how you earn coins:
 Coins   Actions
   20  Registered
   10  Threads Created
    5  Profile Completed
    2   Daily Bonus
    2  Daily Reply
    1  Daily Like
How do I get free items when I have enough coins?
We will put the item in the "Aegend Coins" part, including the pic of the item and the number of coins to redeem this item, all you need to do is click "Redeem". Your item will be shipped to the shipping address you filled out within 7 days.
How do I get signed up? Is it complicated? No, it's as easy as:
1, Click the login button in the top right corner.
2, Click Create an Account.
3, Fill in your information and click Register.

Welcome to be a user of our official website!

Terms and Rules:
1. Thread titles should be legible and directly related to your thread's content.
2. Threads should contain appropriate, helpful, and meaningful content.
3. No ads allowed. Solicitation after a warning may result in a ban.
4. No personal attacks, or posting your or someone else's personal info.
5. Please keep all criticism constructive and respectful.
6. Aegend reserves the right of the final explanation and may make changes to these rules at its discretion.
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