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by Aegend Official Jul 06,2020expired

The independence day is around the corner, It's almost our favorite holiday, but with COVD-19 going on, the 4th of July 2020 will be a little different, safety being the primary concern.

So what will you do to celebrate this holiday? Tell us your 4th of July plans and which product in our store you wanna win in the comment.

Aegend will stand with you and give away 2 lucky winners both a $25 Amazon gift card and one product you are interested in from Aegend official store!

Come to join us!

How To Enter:
1: Like this post.
2: Tell us about the 4th of July plans in the comments!
3: Visit our amazon store & Comment with the URL you wanna win.

Good Luck!

1. This giveaway event is available for the US.
2. This event ends on July 4th, 2020 and the winner will be announced on July 5th, 2020.
3. The giveaway is managed by Aegend. Participation in this giveaway is subject to the official rules.
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    No comment yet. Grab the sofa!
  • Aegend Official INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Glad to know!nbsp;
  • Aegend Official INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Stay safe, Jalen.img src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/yb.gif title=hug
  • Aegend Official INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:That sounds really nice to be with family in these special days.img src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/sl.gif title=victory
  • Aegend Official INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Thanks for your participation, Aaron. Enjoy the summer in the pool!
  • Aegend Official INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Rebecca, thanks for your support! It does sound great to stay at home by COVID-19img src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/ybjc.gif title=eye exercises
  • Arayik Hovsepyan INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:I have not decided yet, but I will come up with some idea. For example going to a beach to try my new Aegend googles. :)ón-refrigeración-baloncesto-conducción/dp/B07SH4FSRB/ref=sr_1_4?crid=31Z76E59MXKEJkeywords=aegend%2Barm%2Bsleevesprefix=aegend%2Barm%2B%2Caps%2C224th=1
  • Chandler INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Well,nbsp; Im gonna go cycling with Michael. Actually we planed this before the Covid-19.nbsp; I wanna win 2 packs of cooling arm sleeves,nbsp;nbsp;one for me, the other for my bro.nbsp;nbsp;;nbsp;
  • Holly INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Cos the COVID-19, I will stay at home with my family. Of course, we will have a great day by thenbsp;barbecue. The item I prefect is one of Aegend swim goggles:
  • Helen Jones INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:This year I will be spending independence with family enjoying barbeque. The item I would like are swim googles.;
  • rbee INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Celebrate freedom while I still have it...;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593568789amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-9
  • Brian Chin INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Ill be visiting my mother who was widowed 2 years ago. I quarantine for 2 weeks just to make sure I can see her safely and my wife and I will bring food so we can all bbq and spend some time outside. Since I live in a city I dont have access to the same kind of outdoor space as when I get to go home so its a great opportunity for me to run, bike, and swim if the weather is good! The item Id prefer are the cycling glovesnbsp;;dchild=1amp;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593568789amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-14
  • Jan INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:I am staying home except...ocean swims using your Aegend polarized swimming goggles, I was fortunate to purchase last year! The goggles are still the best! They do not leak or fog and the clatlrity is amazing. I have never found a more comfortable pair of swimming goggles with the softer nose bridge. Please bring these back!
  • Nick INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Having small group of family over and shooting off fireworks! ANd after struggling with cheap googles trying to snorkel, Id love to have one of these!nbsp;;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593613100amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-16amp;th=1amp;psc=1nbsp;
  • Jimmy Bias INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Forgot my URL;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593568789amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-2
  • Jimmy Bias INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Staying at home and BBQ. Kids playing in the street and having good conversation with our friends. Events are cancelled in the area and fireworks are not allowed. It will be different kind of celebration but proud to be American.nbsp;
  • Sheila Vives INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:For the 4th of July we are going to enjoy some good eats and then watch the community fireworks later.nbsp;nbsp;;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593609851amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-33
  • Van Hilleshiem INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Staying at home with my wife and hanging out on the deck, grilling beyond brats and having a few cocktails
  • CG INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Goons hang out with friends which will be nice since it’s been a while. Looking forward to bbq-ing with family. Gonna just relax after a long week.nbsp;;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593609270amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-54
  • Jalen INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:I plan on staying home and avoiding crowds of people in an effort to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. However, when all this is over, I really enjoy swimming and would like to have this beach towel:
  • Will INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Unfortunately, not many plans. Staying home and playing with my nephew and niece. And enjoying fireworks if they happen. Weather is going to be excellent for water games in the backyard with them. We will have a blast! Commented previously but forgot to copy the link. Here it is. Thanks Aegend!!;m=A23N2OYAC59SKZamp;marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERamp;qid=1593607654amp;s=merchant-itemsamp;sr=1-16
  • Will INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Unfortunately, not many plans. Staying home and playing with my nephew and niece. And enjoying fireworks if they happen. Weather is going to be excellent for water games in the backyard with them. We will have a blast!
  • Aaron INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Definitely swim, you know, the independence day comes with summer.Here is the item Id love to win from Aegend:nbsp;
  • Rebecca INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:I like Aegend very much, they always hold many contests and they offer much free stuff and Amazon gift cards, it is really a nice seller!Due to the COVID-19, unlike every year, I have planned to celebrate Independence Day in a different fashion, I plan to stay home to clean my house, do a dinner and make a dessert~ sounds great, is it?What I like isnbsp; this swim goggle, luck to me!!!
  • Serenne R Miller INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:nbsp;Inbsp;maynbsp;prefernbsp;stayingnbsp;atnbsp;homenbsp;onnbsp;Independencenbsp;Daynbsp;withnbsp;mynbsp;family.nbsp;Andnbsp;Inbsp;wouldnbsp;reallynbsp;lovenbsp;tonbsp;getnbsp;thisnbsp;coolingnbsp;armnbsp;sleeves.nbsp;Goodnbsp;for the summer!nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;;Thanknbsp;you!
  • Amy Cheely INDEPENDENCE DAY GIVEAWAY:Im gonna stay home and watch a movie with my family on the 4th of July. Its an uncertain time this year and I want to cherish the time with my family. The item I prefer is these swim goggles:nbsp;;. Thank you Aegend team! Stay safe!img src= title=hug

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