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by Aegend Official Jul 16,2020expired

Who doesn't love freebies? At Aegend, we're sharing totally legit free samples and freebies available.
Including swimming related products, protective gear, and other sport products!
How does this works?
Simply comment on how you exercise during these days, comment with a photo will increase the chance of winning the prize(optional), we will pick up 30 winners and send them freebie.
Is this real?
Yes, this is real. This event is held by Aegend Offical, all the winners will receive a freebie for sure,we will contact you via email if you are the selected winner.
Tips and Tricks
Did you know that we hold a $1000 giveaway every month?
Did you know Aegend "We Love Testing" program?


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    No comment yet. Grab the sofa!
  • Russ GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Send me a set of your freebie towels because you love so much because of all previous purchases.nbsp;
  • Gopinath GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:During the current pandemic, it has been a difficult task to engage in exercise with social distancing. I have a 200 acre park next to my home with plenty of options to hike, jog and cycling. I choose one of these options every day evening.nbsp;
  • Heather Greiner GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I ride my spin bike and go to the pool and do yoga!
  • Paul GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Weve been exercising in the house lately because of the pandemic, but weve also done a lot of camping and road trips as well!nbsp; Keeps us active and engaged.
  • Solomon Dawson GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Instagram has turned out to be a treasure trove of random workout routines! And especially during lock down, a lot of them have been geared towards being able to be done in the home without many accessories. Body weight exercises and YouTube yoga videos have been my go to workout routine during COVID. And I think Ive actually stayed in decent shape! Throw on a B-Movie on the TV in the background and its a great workout plan.nbsp;
  • Sri GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:It will be good for workouts and yoga.
  • Daphne GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:This will be great for the my vacaton and for my GYM day !
  • Justin GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Ive just been doing a lot of cardio while quarantined. Cant wait for this pandemic to be over!
  • Lenny GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Ive been sticking to calisthenics during the pandemic as I can easily do a lot of them at home. Ready to get back to the gym when this is over though!
  • Alec GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I am an avid camper and backpacker, so these towels would be perfect to pack, being lightweight. On a hot summer day along the trail, this would be perfect, since I sweat a lot. When it becomes wet, I could hang it off my backpack and let it dry, since it is fast drying and super absorbent. These towels would really come in handy for me.
  • Steven C GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:These towels are of great use due to the pandemic. Working out at home or riding outside will be easier with these dry wicking towels.
  • Laura GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Excited to be back at the gym and have loved swimming for a workout! My new Aegend goggles have worked well to help me keep up on my health and weight goals. The clip on the back makes it so easy to take the goggles on and off, no more tangled hair!nbsp;
  • Dante Pizarro GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Looking forward to go back to the gym soon and use my Aegend microfiber towels!!!nbsp;img src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/sl.gif title=victory
  • Heather H GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I exercise during the the stay at home order by walking for 20 to 30 minutes, doing push ups, and crunches.
  • Ruben GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:They do work great after a sweaty workoutnbsp;
  • Mila GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Me and my husband just built our home gym, since gyms are closed we are trying to back in shape by working out at home by keeping physical distance. Also we are living in Arizona and few months from now will be a beautiful weather to spend outside. These towels would be great to help us wipe our sweat. :-)
  • Jatinder GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:These towels look super soft and I am sure these can find a permanent place in my home gymn. My daily ritual of push up keep me active and fit in these COVID days. Cycling and elliptical - 15 minutes each tone up my legs by staying indoors and safe.nbsp;
  • James Weaver GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:This would be great for using while getting back to cycling.
  • Corey GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I am a swimmer, I am always in the pool, either just playing around with my kid and dog, or doing laps.nbsp; I sometimes workout just before getting in the pool, jump rope and high intensity in my garage to work up a nice sweat, then finish it off with some more laps in the pool for a cool down.nbsp;nbsp;
  • Tony GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Luckily my pool and my gym have reopened so I am back to swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays, running on Saturday mornings and also doing some rowing. nbsp;Before things started openings though it was running, jumping rope and light weights and resistance bands at home.nbsp;
  • Patrick GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:was doing some home work outs, then hit the gym for a little bit. now that were back closed in CA, going back to home workouts. but gotta do something :D
  • Luke GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Microfiber towels are just great for about anything, their absorption is strong and it doesnt leave any fur or strands of string on the dried subject. I cant wait to use these and see how they feel. They look super lightweight, perfect for traveling, and going out.
  • Yasir GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I have been working out at home with resistance band, dumbbells, body weight, and using stairs. I tried sharing an image but upload was not working. Keep pushing guys, we got this!nbsp;
  • Rikki C GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Ive been hiking and walking in my beautiful town. Thank you for all of these promotions! How fun is this!?
  • Franny Pezzuto GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I swim and do aqua aerobics every day! Because the gyms and public pools are closed I have friends who come over for what we like to call “Social Distancing Aqua Therapy”! This has helped all of us not just physically, but mentally as well. The difference in how we all feel is amazing!nbsp;
  • David GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:During the pandemic I have started a daily yoga routine, and now that the temps are rising these towels will come I very handy.nbsp;
  • Jeff Krebs GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I swim 5-6 days a week. I use Aegend goggles and have done so for the past years. They are excellent goggles and for the price can not be beat. Since I received and started using my new goggles I have expanded my lao swimming workouts and have never felt or looked better. Ten big fingers up for Aegend and their family of products.
  • Louis GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Ive been doing an online training at home program called StreetParking. At its core are CrossFit style workouts, with options to fit the equipment available and ability.nbsp; It also includes a running program that I am doing in my neighborhood, which is all rolling hills
  • Brad GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:During this pandemic I have been taking hour long walks within my neighborhood while listening to some of my favorite podcasts. It has been great to get some fresh air and wave and great neighbors (from a distance).nbsp;
  • Tim Sullivan GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I run at least 4 miles a day, Im 64 and just carrying on my training from the Marine Corps which was my life and still my life in spirit! Oorah!!!nbsp; Toss me a towel please.
  • Cynthia GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Helio,nbsp; during these difficult times amongst us,nbsp; I have continued going to the gym, but I carry my own sanitizer and cloth to wipe down evrything before and after use. I invested in breathing training mask, full finger gloves, and my own mat.nbsp; I usually join the Body Pump Classes as well as use the tredmill for a bit more cardio.nbsp;
  • Dave S GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I swim every day. Best stress reliever I have and good for mind and body. I like being able to glide through the water and exercise and not really get overheated or tired. At the gym I don’t care for their towels as they are gritty and not very good quality nbsp;Well now we have no towels so I bring them from home, which I planned on doing anyway.nbsp;
  • Charlie Bunn GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Lately with the gyms being closed, and especially with it being so hot during Summers where I live, Ive had to get creative! My family and I have set up exercise mats and basic tools like a pull up bar and free weights in the living room. We use these along with various body weight exercises and sometimes use routines from YouTube to follow along!
  • Shahin GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:During this pandemic I’ve had the opportunity to sign up for a dietingnbsp;and workout program! I’ve never tried restricting and controlling my diet and so this is a great way to get started with a new healthier lifestyle! Lots of sweating!
  • Vishy GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:This towel would be perfect after my weekend 30 mil trail bike rides.
  • Muthusamy GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I sweat a lot after my work out at gym and I hope this microfiber towel will absorb it. I like Aegend products as it proves well
  • Cg GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I just do my regular calisthenics at home. I go running too. Luckily the gym is opening up soon. Nothing compares to the gym
  • Jim GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I love the aegend products. They are good quality at a very reasonable price. Im a triathlete who works out daily (run, bike, swim, weights) and use various aegend items in my daily routine. Looking forward to trying these new microfiber travel towels.nbsp;
  • Pete GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I ordered the towels to use during and after resistance bow workouts at home and to bring with me to the gym when I return after the pandemic.nbsp; They are soft and absorbent and will come in handy.
  • Sudarshan GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:As we all try to cope up to the new norm of working from home it’s important to Exercise to reduce stress , prevent wait gain and boost immune system. I have been running early mornings when there is hardly anyone outside :) Also have been trecking a lot across the different state parks !! Stay safe and healthy every onenbsp;
  • Jason GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:These types of towels are great for traveling! Im always looking for ways to make my outings more efficient. Thanks Aegend!
  • Wes Rogers GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I recently had shoulder surgery, so for a while it was just long walking or hiking.nbsp; Im now back on the stationary bike, too.nbsp; With the current heat and humidity I can see these towels being very useful!
  • Van Hilleshiem GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I swim 2200 meters then bike 80km and follow that u with my run of 15 km
  • Faraz GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:Because of COVID I was getting depressed, couldn’t go to gym. Eventually it was so bad that I wanted to have psychotherapy. My wife gave me a gift of table tennis table. We started playing 2 hrs a day as a replacement of our gym activity. We feel much better, no need for any counseling...
  • Nicodemo GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:During this pandemic my swimming pool closed, so i started exercise at home watching YouTube videos and using a pull bar at one door
  • Reyna GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:The pandemic has caused a closure of our local pools, causing me to hang up my favorite Aegend swim goggles for the year. To stay fit I have focused more on CrossFit-style and high intensity workouts. My local gym provides a daily Zoom class that keeps me pumped up, and check-ins with other gym members plus an online social hour has kept me accountable. I miss the water but I’ll still be ready for next season!
  • Kyle GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:My girlfriend and I have been biking a lot more than normal and have found some fun ways to exercise by going on a lot more hikes in the local parks.nbsp;
  • Poorn GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I workout in the special gym in my clubhouse and would love to add the Microfiber towels to my workout routinenbsp; --nbsp;img src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/wx.gif title=smileimg src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/qiang.gif title=strongimg src=/plus/dedemao-comment/face/wx.gif title=smile
  • Jennifer GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:These amazing towels are ultra soft and so easy to clean! I enjoy using them for working out and after a nice swim. They are the perfect towels!
  • Stevemn GET YOUR FIRST FREEBIE NOW!!!:I exercise regularly and miss it if I dont.nbsp; Most days, I am on an eliptical for 45 minutes.nbsp; Three days/week, I do light weights and use the Aegend gloves, which are really well-designed for lifting.nbsp; Two to three times/week, I go to the local pool for laps.nbsp; I use Aegend goggles, which are comfortable, create a great seal with even pressure all-around, and dont fog up.nbsp; Exercise keeps body and mind feeling well.

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