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____Aegend Instead丨Fill in the Blank to Win a Prize!

by Aegend Official Aug 25,2020expired

 Aegend Staff: Roger Lam           Conjure Aegend Instead

   "A small study found that people who wore face masks were thought of as more attractive,  according to research from foxnews." Find the answer    from next on-camera.

We here are continually wowed by the incredible creativity of you guys, our awesome Aegend fans. Check previous awesome giveaways here. That's why we're back again with another creative contest.

For our latest challenge, we're inviting you to rethink the everyday world around you and infuse a slice of Aegend into your usual daily activities.

We want you to fill in the blank "____ Aegend Instead" with a verb of your choice, then snap a picture/video of you acting out your scenario.

For example, if you filled in the blank with "Cook Aegend Instead", you'd then need to submit a snap of you cooking Aegend items instead of a real meal. Or, if you instead filled it in with "Eat Aegend Instead", we'd be expecting to see you post a picture/video of yourself eating Aegend items lol..cheeky

The possibilities are endless, so we can't wait to see what crazy and creative scenarios you guys can come up with. Winners will be judged by a combination of the number likes received and the personal preference of our admins. In total, there are 3 fantastic prizes up for grabs!
· First Prize: $50
· Second Prize: $30
· Third Prize: $20 & 2 Pack Kids Swim Cap

The event ends August 31st, 2020, so make sure you submit your photos/videos ahead of time to maximize your chances of winning.

· Open to residents in the US, UK, DE.
· Event ends on August 31st, 2020.
· With one winner announced each day

· yoav | yoavw***
· Brian C | brianpc****
· Shauna Purser | slpurs***

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Brian C

Shauna Purser

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