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Share Weight | Get Discount

by admin Sep 12,2020expired

Hi everyone,
Pandemic-prompted stay-at-home orders and closures have left people all over the world homebound and hungry, and we are feeling the results. People have noticed it in different ways. A button popping, a zipper that will no longer catch, pants that are suddenly too short. Or maybe it's a surprising, unfamiliar reflection in the bathroom mirror. For a significant segment of society, such uncomfortable experiences reflect the same reality: pandemic weight gain. If you've gained weight during the COVID-19 pandemic, you aren't alone. 

Here is an article written by Daniel Bubnis on Healthline
    You may have heard that experts recommend adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Swimming is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming burns almost as      many calories as running, without all the impact on your bones and joints. 

To encourage everyone to keep swimming, we have this activity----Weight Your Discount.
You can get a discount on one of the products that you like in our store.


How to enter this giveaway?
As it is shown in the picture above, all you have to do is to share the photos when you are weighting and like this blog. 
Please make sure that we can clearly see your real weight value.

Here is how the discount is calculated: The discount you can get = Half of your weight.
For example, you would be able to get 75% off if your weight is 150lb, you are qualified to get 80% off if your weight is 160lb. And you can get a free product if you can weigh more than 200 pounds.
Do you know what is the most attractive part? It's that Everyone would be the winner!!! Anyone who shares the picture can get a discount! 
Let's get started.

1: Event is limited to the first 100 people who comment on this blog.
2: Winners will be announced on October 8th, 2020.
3: This event is open to the US only.
4: Aegend reserves the right of final explanation.

Winners Announcement

Andrew G gibsona**
matthew Burd thebu**
Brittany Britty**
Kaz Yhtak**
Ahmed hamad ahme***
S Stef***
Ron Johnson Ronnie***
Ray coga***
Cirilo reyes Ciri***
Michael woo***
Deb ku***
Andrii kore***
Alfonso M infe***
Socrates socb***
Cheryl redch***
Candace Morgan candace***
Konstantin lali***
Cyndee Maudlin cyn***
Kevin Fase kev***
Ada Ada***
Kerrie kevan***
Russell D'Angelo russd***
Nathan johnson trig***
Charlie chazb***
Kelly Purser slpur***
Claudia clam**
Pete pete***


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